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Folsom Technology Group Backup and Disaster Recovery FAQs 


Why choose Folsom Technology Group for Backup and Recovery?


FTG has more than 16 years of experience working with businesses in the northern CA area. We’re experts in the helping CEOs manage complex technology to keep their businesses operating smoothly. .



Does FTG provide more than one backup copy of data?


Yes. Your data is encrypted and stored at four geographically different, highly secure, off-site co-location facilities, ensuring that your business can fully recovery from any disruption or disaster.



How are VSS backups handled?


When configuring the backup of servers an option to schedule a daily VSS Incremental Backup is available. When the VSS Incremental Backup occurs it shuts down all VSS aware applications then performs the backup.



What is the frequency of backups?


This configuration performs 96 incremental snapshots of the server every 15 minutes throughout the day.



Can I select what files and folders to backup or exclude?


Backups are performed by server volume. For virtualization, you must capture the boot volume and any other volume(s) containing server applications. For example if you install the operating system to Drive C and Exchange to Drive D, you must have both C and D backed up if you want to virtualize the server.



Can I restore Exchange Mailboxes?


Yes, we have a utility that allows the restoration at the mailbox and message level.



Do I have to reconfigure my firewall settings and any DNS or MX records if we need to virtualize a server?


No, the virtualization process keeps the servers system state so no additional configurations are needed. Service will continue to run like they did prior to the server failure.



If a client has more than 8 servers, can we have multiple NAS Device's at the client site?


Yes, multiple NAS configurations are possible.



Can I have more than one server running in a virtual state on the NAS Device?


Yes, depending on the amount of hard disk space, memory and processor a server consumes. The only limitation is the physical hardware of the NAS Device.


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